What is the need for digital marketing-step by step guide

What is the need for digital marketing-step by step guide

With the way the internet is accessible to us in current times, the number of people being on a digital platform is just unimaginative. In that case it becomes very important to consider it’s uses and what is the need for digital marketing.

It would be nothing but true that the number of people that we observe going online to date will grow by each coming day. Who would have thought that rather than looking at the digital platform as just any other marketing platform it would turn out to play one of the most pivotal roles amongst all the industries available?

Many times we have observed us say or have heard people discussing that the way to buy things has changed. People have found it more of a convenient way in shopping online rather than the traditional way. Internet being entwined with almost everything we do, digital marketing becomes of a serious interest.

Basically if defined, marketing is the way to reach out to the maximum number of people and get connected to the audience to promote their products and services. This leads us to meet them at a place where they spend most of their time: the internet.

So what is the need for digital marketing

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Digital marketing, online marketing, internet advertisement, or whatever term you call it, it is a big deal at the present time. Digital marketing is defined as making use of any of the electronic efforts made online to market a product or service. Email marketing, websites, social media marketing, blogs, reviews, images, video content marketing are some of the few fields of digital marketing.

Importance as business is concerned

Almost every single brand or company has its website. And in this stage of time when the competitors are coming in n-number in every passing day, it becomes important to come up with ad strategy and to act accordingly. Running an ad campaign and just having a website is no longer enough. Some needs for business are;

1. Reaching people to a great extent

It is evident that people are a lot of their time daily on the internet, be it from any devices like some office work you do on a laptop, something that you are researching on, or maybe simply just browsing social media on mobile phones. Given that, all we need to focus on is the way to reach out to the people as much as possible. Here’s an example, in 2019 there were roughly on an average 3 social media platforms a person is active on, this has now increased up to 5 in just a span of 5 years.

A vast majority of people are using these social media platforms daily. Imagine the wonders it can do to target audience with a proper strategy.

 On average a person spends about 2 hours on social media. And a teenager spending 8-9 hours. The Gen-x is more interested in brands than the Millenials.

Targeting the right number of people and converting them into potential customers is very important for any marketing strategy. Many stats from Millennials say that that the ads they get to see on social media are relevant to them. According to a real-time intelligence report, about 68% of the world’s population has mobile devices.

But just creating an account and sharing some content isn’t enough. A social media marketing strategy has to be developed.

2. Targeting audience

One of the major advantages of digital marketing is the dissection of demography. Dissect them into groups and can help you in targeting a specific audience. Search advertisement and social media marketing does this part. Adwords target people researching on Google. With this research, people can be targeted based on

  • Hobbies
  • Profession
  • Buying behavior
  • Choices or interests

3. Manage conversion

One of the most used way for communication on a professional level is via email. Email marketing is another important form of digital marketing. A customer can be made aware of any of the services they offer to almost everybody through email. People as well as organizations find it very efficient to communicate via email. If they don’t like things that are sent or find it of no use they can just unsubscribe.

Segmentation in email marketing can have several advantages in observing data sample like,

  • Open rate
  • Increase in sales
  • Click-through rate
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Unsubscribe data

4. Brand expansion

As I mentioned earlier, it is not just enough to have your website. Unless managed and timely strategy is maintained.

Imagine you don’t get what is a buyer’s persona or even after putting in all of your efforts, you are unable to reach his satisfaction level. Your brand expansion is impossible to happen with that. You might get your sales team to do this job for you. Sometimes you may just need a simple call to the customer end in order to know their satisfaction level or if you would like to mention specifications.

Knowing this level of specifications plays a very important role in your marketing strategy. Also it is useful in advertisement performance and it’s cost efficiency.

5. Analytics 

The major advantage of any kind of digital marketing technique rather than any sort of marketing technique is the access to keep track of visitors on your website.

Suppose you have started an online marketing campaign. With the help of analytic tools you can measure the progress of the campaign and can also adjust the focus you need to give for the website’s content and user experience.

Analytic data can help you in finding

  • Number of visitors
  • Time spent by them on your site
  • Who visited the ad
  • Who is more likely to take call-to-action
  • Have they shared your ad
  • What terms do they use to find you online

6. Helpful for small scale business as well

Along with all these, one of the main things to be considered in any form of marketing is the initial investment. The importance of digital marketing becomes very evident when we understand how easy it is to adapt as the business grows.

With social media campaigns, search ads and display ads can be chosen on a daily budget. A thorough set of ideas will be available with you to know how much the campaign may cost.

Also if you find out some strategy isn’t working in your strategy, you don’t have to wait for the ad contract to run out. Just make some changes and relaunch the ad. That’s all you have to do!!!

With several analyzing tools available you can measure your business growth instantly. Analyze the data and make quick changes to reduce ad expenses. This will be helpful for small scale businesses.


Digital marketing is the marketing of the future. Along the benefits discussed in the article, we can also track our business efforts with incredible accuracy. This also means it is easy to track which strategies are providing the required results.

In today’s busy world people find it difficult to manage their marketing strategies by themselves. In that case our services are available to help you and customize your strategy in digital marketing.

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